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This is the Fall 2017 Virtual Poster Showcase. If you have arrived here in error and are interested in registering and submitting to the Spring 2018 Virtual Poster Showcase, navigate to

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What’s Happening Now?

  1. Abstract
  2. Upload
  3. Judging
  4. Recognition

Students will first submit an abstract. The first author (and presenter) on the abstract must be an undergraduate student for the Undergraduate Showcase and a graduate student for the Graduate Showcase.

Abstracts must be in English and submitted by the abstract submission deadline. The title is limited to 300 characters and the body is limited to 2000 characters (spaces and punctuation included). There is a $35 (US dollars) submission fee for all abstracts.

Abstract submission deadline for the Fall 2017 Showcase is 2 October 2017.

You can create your poster (with a Mac or a PC) using PowerPoint, Adobe Illustrator, Canvas, or any other program. The poster must be one page and in English. Poster dimensions are as follows: The maximum width is 48 inches (130 cm); the maximum height is 36 inches (100 cm). The file size may not exceed 25MB, and you must save your file as a PDF. The virtual poster software does not recognize any other file formats.

Once abstracts are accepted, students will submit a poster electronically along with a short video of themselves explaining the science.

The deadline to upload your poster and video will be 25 October, at 11:59 PM ET.

Poster judging will take place in two phases, Peer Judging and Expert Judging. You will find a rubric explaining each of the categories at here.

  1. Peer Judging: Each lead author participating in this poster showcase is required to judge three other posters and provide a score based on the visual appeal and scientific content of the poster. Students will be expected to ask questions about the posters they are judging, but please note that students will not be assigned judge other students from the same institution or research project. During the peer judging period, students must be available to log in to the virtual poster site.

  2. Expert Judging: The second judging phase will involve experts who are scientists and faculty. The posters will be judged on scientific merit and on visual appeal. Judges will be allowed to submit comments and questions about your poster. All of their comments and questions and all of your responses will be posted online for only you to see. All of their comments and questions will be posted online and visible to other presenters and judges. You must be available to log in to the virtual poster site during the expert judging period. The site will then close, and winners will be selected and announced shortly after.

Each student will receive a certificate of participation after completing all steps of the Virtual Poster Showcase, including judging 3 peers’ posters and responding to feedback from expert judges, if appropriate. The grand prize winner of the entire showcase will receive funding towards lodging and airfare (some restrictions apply) and free registration for the 2018 Fall Meeting.

A few weeks after the conclusion of your showcase you will receive information about how to cite your abstract. Your abstract will become available in the VPS database shortly thereafter.

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